Window quality depends on good installation.

To ensure that the window was suitable for use, it is not enough to buy expensive plastic box (quality profile, tight fitting, warm glass unit), to installed and sealed it only with fitting foam, it is necessary to follow the instructions for correct installation as well as technical requirements. Few consumers are aware that only competently installed window can justify these costs. Properly installed window with a triple seal helps preventing the negative effects of moisture, mould and fungi.


Why these three levels of security features are so important? In residential buildings, there are many sources of moisture. Per day a family of three members evaporates into the environment about 6-12 litres of water (breathing, sweating, preparing food). If there is insufficient ventilation, large part of the moisture condenses on the cool surfaces, permeate into the base foam, window jambs, seams and turn into drops of water, reducing heat and sound insulation properties.