Winter gardens

Winter garden is extremely popular today’s home accent. Due to their diversity, they can be adapted to the style and exterior of the building. Glass is the most important element of winter garden. It creates a unique feeling of being outdoors, while at the same time you are indoors. Thus, winter garden microclimate depends on its proper selection. Recent advances in glass production technology has resulted in a so-called functional glass, which can not only let light through, but also have an additional function specifically required for the winter garden. The majority believes that the current winter gardens need more energy for heating. They are wrong. Winter garden needs no additional energy, even on the contrary, the winter garden, which heats up through the glass, traps heat inside. In order to protect the winter garden from overheating in summer, if it is on the southern side of the house,

imagesCA771OJB.jpgsolar control glass has to be used; it will help to prevent from overheating during hot season and to reduce cooling costs.

In order to protect the garden from heat loss in winter, if it is on the north side of the house, one shall use heat-saving glass, which will save a significant amount of heat during the cold seasons.

If you plan to install winter garden site, it must fit a small table and some chairs or couches. Flowers shall be arranged in groups, from lowest to highest, in order to look nice and to be evenly illuminated by the sun.

The roof is a complex and very important part of the winter garden.

Modern technology allows for installation of any-shaped roof. The roof must be resistant to impact and stress. The glass roof must be constructed entirely of laminated glass, which is produced by gluing several sheets of glass with a special film, which increases security, but this is extremely expensive pleasure. Mostly, for the roofs MAKROLON polycarbonate panels are used. They are lightweight, resistant to atmospheric effects

You think there is no room for winter garden? You are wrong. Winter garden may be equipped in various positions: in a lawn, on a terrace, in a house or building component. It truly beautifies your home and makes you feel comfortable. In addition, you can constantly admire nature.

For winter gardens we are using high quality materials. Winter gardens are made of plastic and aluminium.

Trust your winter garden for our team!