Terrace glazing

As soon as weather becomes warm everyone wants to throw open all the windows and doors in order to finally awake from the lethargy of prolonged sleep and to rush and escape where the eyes see. But, to the disappointment of many, spring flight evaporates due to simple reality: there is no way to get from the house any further than your own window or balcony. Looking from the fifth floor one can only envy the nearest neighbours, who have a large and wide terrace.


Naturally, the main action moves to the terrace that appears undisputed epicentre of the home in the warm season. Their installation and fostering is individual for everyone. For outdoor terrace one should choose a sunny, easily accessed, but fenced from the others lot.


In Lithuania the most popular terraces are made of natural wood. It is worth thinking about quality, natural wood outdoor furniture. Usually, the outdoor terraces are designed with outdoor barbecue and fireplace complex. Often terraces are equipped with roofs. In Lithuania it is popular to install translucent roofing. This is one of the cheapest terrace roofing options. In order to enjoy coffee or tea cup in the terrace when it is cold, terrace has to be glazed. There is a number of glazing techniques. Terraces may be glazed with aluminium frame or frameless with toughened glass. Terraces’ glazing requires an individual decision taking into account the terrace size, materials used for the terrace and customer preferences.

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