Glazing with plastic

Balcony glazing with opening plastic system.

Balcony glazing with large plastic frames is desired exclusively by those customers who on their old habit wish to turn balcony or loggia into a warehouse, work room, place for children to play or similar warm room which supposedly increases the flat area.

In the case of balcony glazing with PVC (plastic) profiles, largest advantage of the system is that Lithuania has developed plastic window profile production. As a result, it is easy to find a manufacturer who produces plastic balcony frames. However, high-quality production is only half of the job. Most often, quality of installation, sealing materials, tin folding shapes predetermine whether the balcony lets unwanted moisture in. Balcony glazing with plastic is massive, has improved sound insulation properties and better protects from cold penetration.


One should only recall that balcony is unheated room, so in order to prevent formation of window condensation, balcony has to be ventilated often or equipped with ventilation machines or balcony frame has to be made with a vertical vent.

Balcony glazing is sometimes used to increase room. This is quite risky (I have experienced this on my own). It is not enough to know the plastic balcony glazing prices because there are quite a lot of extra costs. These are the costs associated with wall, floor and ceiling winterizing materials and works. Piping and heating elements (radiators) transfer works. But the final result re-purchases all the difficulties and concerns (images below show one of the results).