Glazing with aluminum frame


Balcony glazing with framed aluminium system.

Framed aluminium construction can be sliding and opened. Sliding system is far better than opened, because the sliding part takes no space of balcony or loggia. In addition, the sliding system parts are easy to remove and to clean in the room, unlike the opened ones, we need to get high risking our lives.


Sliding aluminium glazing system features rather high air-tightness, which is needed to maintain the temperature, but its design also lets it to naturally ventilate the room in order to avoid the window dewing and wall moulding. In the framed sliding aluminium system, all parts are made of aluminium profile, so in the framed structures simple 4 mm or 4 mm toughened glass may be used.


Although the balconies with sliding aluminium systems are more expensive, it still is a modern, functional, aesthetic and durable glazing system. Aluminium profiles are 7 times stronger than wooden and 2 to 3 times stronger than plastic ones. These balconies need neither changing nor painting. People living in urban areas will be able to feel connection with nature at any time.