Frameless Glazing

bezramowa-1.jpgBalcony glazing with frameless glass systems.

Frameless sliding or fully opening balcony glazing system came from Scandinavian States and became popular in Lithuania. This structure is very popular in the installation of new construction house balconies or loggias, but it is also used in the old apartment houses.

Frameless glazing system consists of a single aluminium frame and a few toughened glass elements, fastened in the frame, sliding to the left and right. Within such framework, there is no vertical profiles between the glass sheets, which allows the balcony to look aesthetically both from inside and outside.

imagesCAS2XLCF.jpgFrameless glazing looks like it was drawn from a solid glass. In addition, it lets light to pass well, what our homes are lacking, particularly at the dark time of year. This system is designed to withstand strong wind gusts.