Balcony glazing

What is the purpose of balcony in an apartment house?

Architects have united on this issue: certainly not for pickling cucumbers or storing unnecessary items. The main function of the balcony is to offer city residents the opportunity of staying in the open air without leaving home.

Vitrified balcony is a nice additional space, pleasant to spend time regardless of the weather. Comfortably installed balcony is always pleasing to have a cup of aroma coffee or tea. To take care of and to enjoy plants, to read a favourite book or magazine… Another advantage: home will be protected from street noise. The temperature in the glass balcony can be even 4 to 7 °C higher than outside, but in the room it will increase at an average of 2 to 4 °C.


What are the most popular balcony glazing systems?

Balconies are currently glazed by a number of apartment house residents, but it is not easy to point out the most popular balcony glazing system. Needs of the people and requirements for being built or renovated multi-family houses are different; it also depends on money for that reason and imagination.

Three main balcony glazing systems can be identified: